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The Experience

Learn to Hang Glide

Instructor, Paul Hamilton gives you a hands-on introductory lesson in powered hang glider flying while you soar over breath-taking Lake Tahoe in your own personal aircraft.

You are instructed on the basics of flying a powered hang glider – one of the safest aircraft flying today.

Watch the video for highlights of what you experience on a 60 minute flight (edited to 15 minutes). See what it is like to fly a powered hang glider. No experience is necessary.

Interactive flying at its best!

This is not just a ride or a tour, it is an “introductory”, “demonstration”, or “discovery” flight for flight training that counts toward a FAA pilot license.

The experience allows you to learn some basics of powered hang gliding, while soaring over one of the most beautiful places on earth. Few people get to experience Lake Tahoe from the air like this.

This “interactive” experience will put you in the pilot’s seat and give you full control of the aircraft. You’ll leave not only with some real “hands-on” piloting time, but memories you’ll never forget!

Fly as Little or As Much As You Want

You can fly as much as you want, except for takeoffs and landings which are performed by the highly qualified FAA certified flight instructor, Paul Hamilton.

Some want the controls right away and fly most of the time, others let Paul demonstrate how to fly and the basics of flight. Either way, you get to learn about flying light-sport aircraft and the beauty of flying itself.

The Aircraft

Our FAA registered N66PH Evolution Revo trike is one of the most reliable, stable, quiet and fun light-sport aircraft in the world. This trike features tandem seating in which you, the student, is in the rear and the instructor in the front; similar to riding a motorcycle in the sky! The aircraft offers dual control from either front or rear seats and is powered by a super quiet and reliable Rotax 912 100 HP aircraft engine. It also has a GPS and backup ballistic parachute system; a level of additional safety enjoyed by relatively few aircraft.

Your Instructor

Paul Hamilton, an FAA certified pilot and flight instructor (CFI), has an impeccable safety record with thousands of satisfied adventurers experiencing the pleasure of powered hang gliding. Here we see Paul “with sunrise in his eyes” as he pre-flights and prepares the trike before you get there. The best flying is early in the morning when the winds are most calm. Paul is happy to fly all day but he wants you to have the best experience, so he flies you in the mornings only.


Flights leave from Carson City Airport, Carson City, Nevada and are scheduled in the morning only. (Reservations are required. All flights are weather permitting and subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy.) Add this experience to a day at the North Shore or South Shore of Lake Tahoe for a vacation adventure long to be remembered! Maximum weight for students is 250 lbs.

We welcome you at your Check-In to get you signed in and into a stylish flight suit that comfortably fits over your street clothing, state-of-the-art noise cancelling headset, and a helmet with visor.

After you are fitted with a flight suit and fit the helmet, we head to the exciting colors of the aircraft and get briefed on safety basics for flight. You experience the thrill of sitting in the cockpit of your own sleek sexy aircraft. Communications are tested to make sure there is crisp clear transmissions between you and your pilot with the state-of-the-art noise-cancelling headsets. Paul makes the last adjustments with the helmet and seat belt with a “checklist” which is critical to ensure a safe and comfortable flight.

The Flight

Your flight includes a two way intercom system (headsets) enabling easy communication between you and your instructor. Helmets, headsets and flight suits are provided. During your flight you will learn the basics of weight-shift control, aerodynamics and aviation safety as well as a bit about weather and its affects on aviation.

Optional High-Def Video (image and audio) and Camera services are available to record your experience.

Take Off

You are filled with mounting anticipation as you roll out from the hanger, down the taxi way, and make that final turn onto the runway. Then the engine revs as the aircraft gains speed to gently lift from the runway into the breeze that ushers you into the sky for one of the most magnificent places on Earth, the SKY. As you fly along you are shielded from the wind in the comfort of your flight suit and face shield of your helmet. Aloft and soaring with the birds, you will experience the true spirit of flight.

Soon after takeoff, you will be shown how to control the aircraft by following along with your instructor. You will then (only if you wish) take the controls and fly the aircraft with the help of the instructor. The pilot will welcome questions on how to fly plus points of local interest you can fly to for Lake Tahoe’s extraordinary beauty. The beauty of flying is that to get to go and see things you can only do while up in the air flying.


Exhilaration, romance, and excitement fill every colorful moment of your high-spirited adventure…

Hang Gliding Tahoe Unique Adventure

Unique Experience

You can fly as high as you want, up to 12,000 feet, or as low as 6 inches off the ground. We can fly to locations you want to go. See the BOOK A FLIGHT page for popular places to fly.

Winter Flying

Flying in the winter can be spectacular. See how we keep you warm and cozy with heated clothing on the WINTER FLYING page.


Flying back to the Carson City Airport, we get into the airport “traffic pattern” while communicating and coordinating with the other pilots flying “regular” airplanes to sequence into position for landing. As you gently descend to the runway at the end of the flight your first impulse is to say, “That went quick.” and “Let’s go again!”.

The typical experience is an hour long, depending on how long of a flight you choose, but the memories will last a lifetime!

There are few places in the world where you can do powered hang gliding with a FAA qualified flight instructor to ensure your safety. You can do skydiving, hot air ballooning, parasailing, paragliding, soaring/sailplanes, boat lake cruises, river rafting, and helicopter tours during visits to other areas, so take advantage of Lake Tahoe Hang Gliding experience while you visiting Lake Tahoe.

Pilot Certificate

An official “logbook endorsement” is issued with a colorful pilot certificate providing this flight as official FAA pilot training time.

Remember and Share Your Flight Experience

The best stories are told and friendships celebrated with professional high quality images burned to a DVD. You can share your adventure with friends and family from any DVD player. You can also copy the high quality images from the DVD to email, enlarge and print, post to Facebook or other social media. (Photo package optional)

Video featuring hang gliding lessons above lake tahoe and other lake tahoe activities


Add a “wing mounted” video service option to capture your flight in High-Def video. See VIDEO GALLERY

Photos of hang gliding lessons above lake tahoe


Add a “wing mounted” camera service option to capture your flight in photo. See PHOTO GALLERY

Tell Everyone You Went Hang Gliding at Lake Tahoe!

Pick out a T shirt (optional) to let everybody know that you went Hang Gliding at Lake Tahoe. We have adult “T” shirts and special “Ladies cut” shirts to commemorate your hang Gliding adventure at Lake Tahoe. We also have a variety of high quality embroidered shirts and hats available.

Flying a powered hang glider trike is incredible exhilaration of a lifetime! Book a Flight.

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