Jennifer traveling from Palatine, IL to San Francisco, CA for her new job.

It was incredible. Such a great experience would recommend to everyone! Paul is a great instructor and made the entire experience awesome. I wish I lived closer so I could go again.

Chuck from Princess Anne, MD took an airplane and trike introductory lesson to decide which type of aircraft to learn to fly one right after the other.

This was an experience of a lifetime. You really are the best. Thanks so much for making this the most memorable trip of a lifetime. After we flew in the airplane and trike I am leaning towards the trike since it is so open.

Quinn is a private pilot airplane and trike pilot who lives in Reno and likes to get up in the air flying a trike as much as possible.

That is an awesome new trike. The wing is so clean compared to what I am used to flying. The extra speed, glass panel and comfort is a big upgrade. Wish I could get into the air more often. It felt great to be flying again.

Gaurav moved from Chicago to San Francisco, and this was his first trip to Reno.

Best thing ever. Love it. Everyone should do it if in Tahoe. The lake looks different from 10,000feet.

Shereya, almost did not go flying, but decided to take a chance after her husband convinced her that it was something she couldn’t miss out on, after he had returned from his own flight.

This was an experience of a lifetime. You really are the best. Thank you so much for making this the most memorable trip of our lifetimes.

Janie is a Concierge at the Hyatt in Incline Village and her customers are always asking what it is like to fly in the powered hang glider and she wanted to provide them first hand advice.

This is the most exciting activity in Tahoe. I had no idea it was so fun and easy to fly. This is spectacular and you get to fly it as much as you want. It is nice to have this unique experience available for our customers.

Erica is also a Concierge at the Hyatt in Incline Village and was the first to call and find out more to advise her customers. She wanted to find out for herself what it was really like, and if you could really fly it yourself.

It was a little scary at first but as soon as we climbed up to see Tahoe and Incline Village I relaxed and flew it myself. It provided me a completely new perspective of Tahoe and what I thought was a scary experience of triking. Now I know where to send people if they want the ultimate Tahoe adventure.

Hussain, originally from India, lives in Pensacola, FL.

My first hang gliding experience/lessan and glad it was at Hang Gliding Tahoe. Great views and Paul made it special.

Saleema was the group leader who organized a trip to Lake Tahoe for family and friends that included powered hang gliding.

Was a little apprehensive before I started. Paul is an awesome person to ease your nerves and get me going flying the wing. Up there in the sky it was one of the best times and an experience I will NEVER forget!! Thanks allot Paul.

Jackson is a flight simulator expert and not yet old enough to drive. His father wanted to give him a chance to fly in a real aircraft and Jack chose a powered hang glider.

An awesome experience. I enjoyed flying to different airports, changing radio frequencies, talking to other pilots, and doing some real flying.

Jody, Jackson’s mom (see above), was very nervous to let her son go up flying in a powered hang glider. She asked so many questions about safety…bless her heart. Jody gets the Hang Gliding Tahoe award for the most questions asked before a flight.

It was incredible. Such a great experience would recommend to everyone! Paul is a great instructor and made the entire experience awesome. I wish I lived closer so I could go again.aOur son loves aviation and really wanted the experience. I (his mother) was petrified – of the height and safety. Paul was so reassuring, knowledgeable and professional. His experience and safety record are great. Our son had the time of his life.

Michelle is a airplane private pilot from Greenwich, CT and felt comfortable communicating with the other aircraft and was able to fly to another airport to do a touch and go just like an airplane.

Landings were softer than I expected. Paul is a great instructor and pilot. I thoroughly enjoyed this one-of-a-king experience. This is a must do especially for pilots to understand a completely unique form of aviation!

Zukerman Group – Jamie from Los Angeles, Julia from Colorado, Nicole from Chicago, and Max from Los Angeles.

Most exciting activity at Tahoe. Best view I have ever seen. I really had fun flying it. Next time I want to go longer.

Dorothy and Eugene from Texas have had Hang Gliding on their “Bucket List” for years and finally were able to go. They were both thrilled to add hang gliding to their list of accomplishments.

Nice. Easier to fly than I thought. Great! Should be on everyone’s Bucket List.

Great way to experience flight and see the beautiful mountains and Lake Tahoe.
– Richard

What a delightful experience. Paul is incredibly experienced and capable and i felt safe, yet adventurous all at once. Awesome.
– Melanie

Richard and Melanie wanted to go so bad they agreed to come down at 5:15 in the morning because the day was filled and they were leaving the next day. Come to find out, they are in the dairy business and they get up early all the time. Good for them.

Peggy is from Detroit and her boyfriend, who is a private pilot airplane, is jealous that she is on vacation and going to fly in a powered hang glider. Peggy took advantage of this opportunity with the longest flight allowing her to fly to South Lake Tahoe, plus do a touch and go in Minden, NV. She got it all.

This was an amazing experience. The views are spectacular. I have always wanted to try hang gliding and I am glad I now had the chance.. Paul made me feel completely comfortable and had me flying on my own in no time.

Keith from Atlanta, GA wants to become a helicopter pilot. While visiting his grandmother in Carson City for his birthday, she gave Keith a powered hang gliding lesson as a birthday present.

This was the best birthday present I have ever had. Flying the powered hang glider is so much easier and fun than a helicopter. This was the best flight I have ever had.

Michael is from San Antonio, Texas where he just graduated from high school. He is traveling to Tahoe and staying with friends in Incline. He is interested in becoming a pilot.

It is incredible where you can go and how high we went. There was still snow at the 11,000 peaks above South Lake Tahoe. The lake looks so different from the air and something I will never forget. This is a great way to get started in aviation.

Susan and Scott are from Chicago and doing a whirl wind vacation at Lake Tahoe while staying up in Truckee.

An amazing experience and the view of Lake Tahoe is one you do not want to miss. This is a must for adventure seeking vacationers.
– Susan

Incredible way to get a unique vantage point from Lake Tahoe. Paul had me flying right away and he is top notch.
– Scott

Kayla is going to school in Missouri for a career in aviation engineering. She really wanted to get the experience of flying one of the light-sport aircraft to help her know more. She also wants to get her pilots license.

It was awesome. I’m really interested in flying and this was a great experience for me. I recommend this for anyone who is interested in flying or just ready for a good time.

Emma wasn’t too sure she wanted to go but once she saw the trike sitting there, the flight suits, and after Paul explained the procedure, she wanted to be the first.

I was nervous about hang gliding, and am even nervous about flying at all. But after I did it was awesome and a great experience, and I am not scared anymore. It made me feel in control flying it myself.

Brianna and William are from Pennsylvania and this is their first time to Lake Tahoe. Brianna was intent on going flying and was so happy to get a booking for the next morning before they left to go home later that day.

Wow! What an experience. Paul made my dream come true. I have always wanted to fly and now I can say I’ve truly soared. If you think you might like it, call Paul and get the most out of life. Immediately!!!”
– Brianna

Paul is an amazing instructor. At no point did I feel unsafe operating the craft under his guidance. Thanks to his kind, pleasant, and courteous demeanor, my family enjoyed the experience of a lifetime. My 12 year old daughter (Emma above), my fiancee and myself would recommend Hang Gliding Tahoe to anyone interested in flying or getting a thrill of a lifetime. Thank you Paul!!!
– William

Most amazing views I have ever seen, It was a great rush to have the feeling of flying. Can’t wait to do it again.

Joy is from Texas and staying at Harrah’s in South Lake Tahoe with her father who is a Vietnam vet helicopter pilot hero. He encouraged her to take a lesson. What a great dad. She did not tell her husband and two kids until after…with the photo package.

Ken and Lauren live near Chicago. Their Dad is adventure loving having flown a paraglider off Aspen Mountain on skis. Dad thought this would be a great first flight lesson since the kids are interested in aviation.

That was so cool flying it myself.
– Ken

It was an unforgettable experience. The instruction was awesome and the views were spectacular.
– Lauren

See RSCVA Rick’s Blog.

Rick is a Reno local and is the internet guru for RSCVA (Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority). I noticed that Rick had a number of blogs promoting the unique adventures available for Reno/Tahoe so i called him and we decided to go flying. We flew north Lake Tahoe and back towards Reno over Mt Rose proper for a Tahoe/Reno route.

The Wedding Party – Bill is from Los Angeles CA, Ciaron also from LA CA, Wayne (Bills Dad) from Illinois, and Mark from Illinois got together for Bill’s wedding in Tahoe. Bill wanted so much to go hang gliding he got his dad and 2 best buddies to all go together.

Fantastic flight. Tell him to make it crazy and he will. Expensive but worth it.
– Bill
Excelent experience. Recommended for all! Paul explains everything great and allows you to control it as much as possible.
– Ciaran
Paul did a great job of customizing it for me with a private pilots license.
– Wayne
Great time- learned a bunch, Paul is very qualified and made it a pleasure.
– Mark

Yolanda, Charles, and Ian planned their powered hang gliding experience for Charles birthday, two months in advance. They full of anticipation.

I have never done anything like this before. Charles is always making me do extreme things but this is the best.

Have always wanted to do this and finally I was able. Much better than I thought. Amazing to fly the trike.

Always wondered what it would be like to fly a hang glider. Now I know. It was fun looking at Lake Tahoe from above the mountains and gliding back to the valley just like a hang glider.

Ann and her husband called the night before their last day of vacation hoping to get a flight before they returned home in Orange Cove, CA.

It was amazing. I never imagined I would be able to fly a powered hang glider. It was such a great experience to top off our stay in Lake Tahoe. It was well worth getting up early. The air was so smooth.

Pete was looking for something to do and found an advertisement for powered hang gliding lessons in a Lake Tahoe Visitor Guide.

I imagined this was going to be an ultralight like one I had flown before. This was completely different. Modern, confortable, and easy to fly.

Kevin and Pete had both been in ultralights before and were looking forward to flying in an ultralight type of aircraft again.

Never saw this powered hang glider trike before but I was amazed at how well constructed it was with the safety features of a balistic parachute. Wow what a great experience you can not imagine without doing it. This makes me want to take up flying.

Stuart, from New York, had planned a powered hang gliding flight in Kauai, HI but it was cancelled due to weather. He called for reservations with Hang Gliding Tahoe months in advance and finally got his flight.

Paul was exceptional in all aspects of the experience, from the narration of the flight to finding the smooth air in the high wind conditions. To be able to see the entire length of Lake Tahoe was absolutely amazing. The total experience was exhilarating.