Hang Gliding Tahoe Fly Two above Emerald Bay

Best Lake Tahoe Weather

All seasons can be great flying. We fly year round.

Spring is my favorite with snow in the mountains and warmth in the air. March, April and even May can be great skiing and flying. This is a low tourist season as everyone transitions from winter to summer. Flying can be spectacular and the most picturesque with the snow in the mountains and flowers thriving in the valleys. 

Summer is awesome with the warm winds and cool Lake Tahoe. This is top tourist season for flying and Lake Tahoe in general. By June summer has kicked in but July, August and September are the most popular times for Lake Tahoe. 

Fall is spectacular with calm winds and leaves turning and creating spectacular colors. October, November and December are quiet with most of the summer Lake Tahoe activities shut down but this is a great time for flying. The winds are calm and the thermals are dying out for their winter hibernation. Depending on the season, November and December can be clear and calm, or stormy and windy. 

Winter is nice because you can fly all day and take a break from skiing. January, February and March are prime winter skiing and you can fly all day in good weather. If course if there are winter storms we stop flying and go skiing. We do not argue with mother nature. But on calm winter days flying is nice and a great break from skiing.

Seasonal Weather at Lake Tahoe Temperature Rain and Snow

Listed below is the South Lake Tahoe Airport average temperatures, record temperatures along with rain and snow averages and extremes. Note this is at Lake level and the mountains at higher altitude will be colder, and have more snow/rain.