Hang gliding above Lake Tahoe CA

Hang Gliding Blog Guidelines

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We actively seek and respond to feedback on areas of interest at hangglidingtahoe.com to answer your questions, educate and entertain you while teaching you the basics of ultralight flying near beautiful Lake Tahoe.

The comments on this web site are moderated, which means that before any comments are posted, they are reviewed by me.

Look forward to your comments!
Paul Hamilton, CFI

Comment Posting Guidelines

This web site is intended to be a place to answer your questions, educate and entertain you, as you explore the basics of ultralight flying.

This web sites is not intended to be a direct line of communication with Paul Hamilton on things not related to hangglidingtahoe.com. This is a heads up that all comments will be moderated and won’t be posted if they don’t meet the following guidelines.

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How to Make A Comment On Our Web Site

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