It may seem that it is cold flying in an open cockpit when it is freezing out there. It may appear that winter is not the time to go powered hang gliding. Let me dispel these misconceptions.

Yes it is cold out there but we use a modern state of the art heating system used by the military. It is simply heated clothing. We have heated gloves, boots and vests. Gloves are 22 watts. Boots are 22 watts. Vests are 44 watts. 

That totals 88 watts of heating right near your skin to keep you warm and toasty. 

Imagine trying to hold an 88 watt light bulb, it would burn your hands. This 88 watts is efficiently put where you need it to stay warm.

We have the technology and we use it. We have tried other systems and chose the Gerbing heated clothing. Gerbings developed Microwire™ in response to a Department of Defense contract for heated clothing for Special Ops Forces. You will use this to stay warm while you fly. Enough said. Hang Gliding Tahoe uses the best equipment and our heating system is no exception.

How is the weather for flying in the winter? If it is nice out, it is great flying and you can fly all day because you do not have the summer thermals that create turbulence during the after noon. Yes there are more storms generally in the winter but flying is the same for summer; weather dependent.


Here we suit up for winter flying so you’re always toasty warm.


Check out what you see while flying in the winter.